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PODCAST: John Brown Has One More Thing To Say

The final speech by John Brown explains why he led a violent raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Listen and decide for yourself if he was right, or just insane.

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What It Means To You If Slavery Never Really Ended.

The Black Codes created a legal form of slavery that could deny the reality of the enslavement and still maintain control over African Americans

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The Black Codes: What It Means When They Talk About Redeeming The South

It is commonly understood that slavery is illegal in the United States. If history is any guide to us, we…

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PODCAST: Why We Are All John Brown

Was John Brown a Hero or a Madman? Your answer reveals a lot about who you are and the value of history in our present day.

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John Brown had One Thing To Say, Before He Died.

John Brown told us why he did it. We are left to decide if he was right.

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Why You Should Know That We Are All John Brown.

A Hero or A Madman? It may be difficult at first to decide if John Brown was a hero or…

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The Genius of The Gettysburg Address, (Part Two of Two)

Sometimes a nation can experience a revolution in three paragraphs.

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The Bookends of History

This week my class ended their examination of the Civil War and Reconstruction. As with all things this too had…