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Subversive Bands, Part One

All He Was Saying, Was Give Peace A Chance.

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Podcast: The Secret Massacre

This is the first podcast from Historydojo. For more podcasts and early access, go to

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Oral History Project Grounds Story of Monticello in the Lives of the Enslaved — Longreads

Monticello was a Black space. People of African descent shaped the entire landscape: how the food tasted, what the place sounded and felt like.”

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Spike Lee Slams Trump as ‘Motherf—er’ After ‘BlacKkKlansman’ Cannes Premiere — Variety

Spike Lee delivered a blistering attack against Donald Trump on Tuesday, refusing to mention the president by name while saying…

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Confederately Confused (Pt. 1) —

For decades Southerners were trained to distrust and dislike Yankees, by which was meant anyone raised anywhere outside the eleven…