Seven Plots To Kill Castro, Part Five

This is the Fifth installment of the Killing Castro series from HistoryDojo. Please Fourth installment is here. Please find the First installment ion the series here.

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The United States was obsessed with controlling Cuba, along with all of Latin America. It has been the policy of the United States to dominate the Western Hemisphere since the beginning for the 19th Century.

When Fidel Castro led a rebellion that seized control over the Cuban island, it was initially with the help from the American government. When Castro did not immediately become the docile servant to American interests, it was not only a break with American hegemony, but an example to other Latin American nations that could not be allowed to exist.

It was because of his example that Castro was declared a Communist by the United States. It was in reaction to the removal of American support for Castro that the Cuban dictator turned to the Soviet Union for support.

Here is an excellent narration of the history of U.S. domination in Latin America by Professor Noam Chomsky:

But it did not have to be this way.

The history of U.S. foreign policy has been one that rejects cooperation with other nations and demands obedience and subjugation to American dictates.

Here Castro explains why he is not actually a Communist:

The efforts to kill Castro were grounded in the false premise that he was part of the Soviet Communist assault on Western freedom and democracy. In reality it was much more malignant than the old lie that we were defending our freedom. In trying assassinate Castro, while we may have been a terrible dictator, the U.S. was in fact trying to replace one dictatorship with it’s own.

For this reason the CIA planned to poison the diving suit of Fidel Castro with poison. Castro was an avid snorkeler, and the idea was to have him don the wet suit coated with tubercle bacilli.

Carswell-TubercleThat is tuberculosis to you and I. The CIA was planning to expose the Cuban dictator to one of the deadliest bacteria, known for killing millions in the 20th Century.

The wet suit was purchased, according to CIA reports, but the plan was never put into action.


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