Seven Plots To Kill Castro, Part Four

This is the fourth installment of the Killing Castro series from HistoryDojo. Please find the beginning of the series here.

Mobsters were approached to kill Castro for the United States government.

This is an amazing alliance in history, as the U.S. government was at war with organized crime for many decades.

Interestingly, it was because of this conflict between the government and the mob that the alliance was born.

Because of the investigations into the Italian Mafia in the 1960, the U.S. government had made many connections with mobsters around the country. In order to investigate the racketeering of the Mafia, it was necessary to gain informants within the Cosa Nostra. These contacts eventually allowed for cooperation between the government and the mob.

Perhaps no cooperation was more famous than the alliance between the FBI and Whitey Bulger, one of the most violent and vicious mobster  in Boston. His association, while not Italian Mafia, was born out of the tradition of cooperation between the government and organized crime.

The plot was to be one of four possible assassinations:

(1) shellfish poison applied with a pin, sticking it to Castro,

(2) a bacterial material applied in liquid form, perhaps as added to a drink,

(3) a handkerchief coated with a bacterial material.

How the handkerchief would be used was never made clear.

Ultimately the poison plan was reduced to poison pills, intended to be dropped into food or a drink.

How the Mafia would get close enough to Castro to apply the poison was never made clear. It was believed that the criminal businesses that Castro ran out of Cuba would intermix with the organized crime businesses of the Mafia, allowing for social interaction between the two groups, ultimately leading to the opportunity to poison the Cuban dictator.

Agents were sent into Cuba by the Mafia, with the support of the CIA, but the plan was abandoned before anything could happen.


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