Seven Plots To Kill Castro, Part Three

This is the third installment of the Killing Castro series from HistoryDojo. Please find the previous edition here, or start from the beginning of the series here.

Trying to kill Castro had become an obsession with the CIA.

918dfc66-50fa-48b8-af59-0eea303da661_570After failing to assassinate him repeatedly, one of the most outrageous plots to take down the Cuban dictator was to place poison in his shoes.

Similar to the cigars coated with depilatory agent, the plan was to spray Castro’s shoes with a chemical that would cause his beard to fall out, ruining his reputation as “The Beard.”

Thallium powder was to be added to his shoes when left out overnight to be shined. The chemical would be added when Castro was outside of Cuba, but the targeted travel was cancelled and the plot was abandoned.

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