The Resegregation of American Schools

The crusade to desegregate American schools was the apex of the Civil Rights Movement, and was perhaps one element of the struggle for equality that touched the most Americans.Black-kids-attending-majority-non-white-schools
Everyone remembers the famous story of The Little Rock Nine, being marched to school in Little Rock Arkansas, guarded by the 101st Airborne.

Hazel Bryan yelling at Elizabeth Eckford

Many would even recall the famous protest by Alabama governor George Wallace, who was arrested for standing in the door to block the registration of African American students at the University of Alabama.
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Gov. George Wallace protesting racial integration, Univ. of Alabama

Many would not recall the violent protests against bussing in Boston to make desegregation a reality in that most racially divided city.
Violent Attacks upon African Americans occurred over busing in Boston.

This is often a surprise for many, as we are inclined to believe that racism was more of a Southern characteristic than a Northern stigma. The term for this is de facto segregation, or segregation in reality but not fromally under law. In Boston they had traditional de facto segregation.
In the Jim Crow South, there was, of course, de jure segregation, or segregation by formal law. That is what we see the infamous signes for “whites only” drinking fountains and lunch counters.
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Jim Crow

The sad reality is that the nobel and patriotic efforts by the NAACP, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee were met with such hostility that the desegregation they qon has been largely and slowly rolled back over time.

This is a series by Huffington Post called Road Trip: Listen To America. This episode reveals the slow motion resegregation of American public school that has been going on nation wide for the past few decades.
The lesson is not to despair, giving up in belief that racism and segregation are unable to be overcome. No! The lesson here is that racism and segregation are character defects of the American tradition that need to continually monitored to keep diminished or extinguished.
Patriots! Do not give up the fight. Wake up to the fight that continues!
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Author: Tyler Rust