Our Handicapped President

Once, according to Bartlett’s Book of Anecdotes, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was visited by clergy at his home in Hyde Park, New York.

As the two men were talking about a book they had read, Roosevelt decided he had another we wanted to share with his visitor.

main-qimg-92a0a8a9a4005795da4e76044f6d3d03-cHe climbed down from his wheelchair, to which he had been confined since contracting polio, at the age of 39.

He crawled across the floor of his library to retrieve the book from a shelf, placed it between his teeth and crawled back into his chair.

The astonished clergy could not believe that the President of the United States had just crawled across the floor in front of him.

The clergy asked why Roosevelt hadn’t asked for help. Roosevelt replied, “I felt I had to do it to show that I could.”

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