Did Washington Use False Teeth From Slaves?

George Washington
The facts of history create a reaction in us that reveals a lot
about who we are are individuals.
It’s like a mirror we can partially see through,
but which also reflects our own selves.

Knowing Washington used teeth taken from slaves may be curious or outrageous, depending on how we see it. If Washington is a sacred figure, his inhumanity is a reflection on our misplaced respect for him. We look inhuman, essentially, for valuing someone who was monstrous to others. The easy reaction is to reject the message and the messenger. This is how history ends and claims of “fake news ” begin.

If we accept the truth without any personal connection, and see it as part of a critical understanding of the time and the man, we remain open minded and able to learn.

So the “father of the nation” had teeth made from his slaves. Stunning.

Check out more here, at the Washington Papers

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