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Stories We Tell Ourselves

Writing stories and writing history involves perspectives and imposed meaning. Joan Didion explains how everything we see is a matter of choice about meaning.

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War Is A Lie: The War To End All Wars

“We seek no material compensation”

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Gil Scott-Heron will explain why Black History will blow your mind.

We must identify the problem in order to correct the problem. And the problem is white supremacy in history, back up by the white privilege to ignore the white supremacy in history.

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The Shocking Importance of Crispus Attucks

The Story of Crispus Attucks sparked the American Revolution. Who knew that black lives mattered?

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Jim Jones and the People’s Temple

Jim Jones represents a dark lesson from history; that people can be convinced to follow a leader even to their deaths.

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The Power of Revolution

Malcolm X shows us that history is a weapon and we need it to fight back today.

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How John Lennon was considered subversive and why it matters now.

All He Was Saying, Was Give Peace A Chance.

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The Cost of One New Battleship.

The lesson not learned from Militarism is a threat to the general welfare of America. James Madison warned us that…

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Great Women In History: Harriet Tubman

Three lessons from a critical patriot.

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The Greatest Treason

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in The Letter From a Birmingham Jail a response to the criticism…